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Massive Failure

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by braddelp, Mar 5, 2014.

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  1. braddelp

    braddelp New Member

    I'm 52. Lost my job a year ago. My employment insurance has run out. I have massive debt and I'm out of money.
  2. themute

    themute Active Member

    i'm so sorry. i don't really know what else to say… i'm 24 and i don't have debt but i can't get a job and i am alone for the majority of the time. do you have any people you can turn to for help? could you file for bankruptcy?
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    i am 55 no EI benefits either run out and no job just can't work so i do understand i do call your community agencies and see what they have to support you welfare housing jobs etc
  4. SillyOldBear

    SillyOldBear Teddy Bear Fanatic Staff Alumni

    I understand, bradhelp. I am 62 and got laid off. Benefits ran out. Not many people want to hire the old. You can see it on their faces at the interviews. I have finally found a temporary job through an employment agency. I hope you will consider that option. At any rate, keep looking. As long as you keep trying, you have a good chance.
  5. braddelp

    braddelp New Member

    I just can't get up the nerve to tell my wife that we are about to lose everything. House, cars. I've gone through an employment agency and they set me up for an interview. I went in there and the two younger people that interviewed me quickly ended the interview when they saw how old I was. It has been a full year of job interview rejections. I was never good with managing money and I asked my wife for help every time we had to refinance but she just kept leaving it for me to deal with. I don't blame my wife.
    She's the best woman in the world but I can't talk to her about this. It's just so stressful that I don't know what to do. I don't want to ask anyone for help... there is no help in this situation. I just wish I would have a heart attack, die and then the insurance would pay off the house. Yeah, I know people have it worse and in the end, I don't care if I live in a cardboard box. But to work all these years and to lose everything. It was my job to make sure my wife was taken care of for the rest of her life and I have failed. It was her birthday today and my sons 24th birthday this Sunday. I will have to mentally hang in there until next week and a decision will have to be made on whether to go on or talk to someone. I haven't heard anything good coming out of talking with a professional. They certainly aren't going to flip me a few hundred thousand dollars to get me out of debt and nor should they.
  6. Hope1212

    Hope1212 Member

    Hi. Perhaps you could meet with a mental health professional. It might help to get another opinion on where to look for other options. After a couple of sessions, you could invite your wife to join you. Then, with some support from the therapist, you could tell your wife what has been going on. I know this won't change your financial situation, but it might relieve some of the stress of dealing with all of this on your own. Also, have you looked into doing any temp jobs or perhaps a part time job to help pay off some of the bills. Again, this isn't a solution to the problem, but it's a start. Have you applied for government assistance? Please don't feel as though you have failed. There are a lot of other people in similar financial situations. I know that that doesn't help you, but please don't feel that you are alone. Hang in there.
  7. braddelp

    braddelp New Member

    Hi Hope1212,
    Thank you for your response. It was well written and thought out. I will be making a decision next Monday on what to do.
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