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math book

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What is the POINT of even having an answers section in the back of the textbook if it isnt even CORRECT and has half the answers missing anyway? It destroys the whole purpose of an answer section! I mean the editors probably get paid a decent amount, and so you WOULD THINK that they'd do a decent job. :mad:


Sa Palomera

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urgh I know exactly what you mean! and it almost ONLY happens in MATH books.. open the answer section in any language book or chemistry book and they are RIGHT, but MATH??? you'd be surprised of the amount of mistakes in the answers :blink: :hug: :hug: :hug:
Ha ha.... the answer section is correct... but the point is so that you do the work on your own and not just rely on the answer section.
That is when you have a teacher that you can rely on to ask if you're stuck... lol. But either way I'm over it... sorta anyway lol.

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