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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by silver76, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. silver76

    silver76 Active Member

    This may sound contradictory, and I may not express myself right. I have been posting all week. Just found the site. I don't feel any better really. Still depressed, still lonely, still hurting, still think about it constantly. But thanks to you you who have replied, and maybe even those who have viewed, I feel alittle further from the edge. Nothing in my life has gotten better, but I will keep posting. Maybe just getting it out in a place where i will not be criticized for doing so can help. So I will be posting quite often. You may get tired of seeing my screen name, but as long as it is doing something I will be here.
  2. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    You are absolutly right. Some might feel just as you do, experience similar issues or feeling or even ordeals yet some will acknowledge in silence at times whereas other times, some will post a reply.

    It does help writing it down and you so well said it, knowing none will criticize you or the like. We are all on the same boat so feeling also for each others as the waves takes us up or down....... know that at all times others are with you on that boat and following you on those waves.

    The more you write the better we will feel, as we will understand that this overload locked up inside is coming out so not to worry about it, write as often as you feel the need for it.


  3. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Please post silver. I know exactly what you mean. And yes posting is about the only thing keeping me safe. This is the one place that you can share your feelings and know that you are not judged and that the others here truly know how you feel and are gueniune in their advice and caring. Hope that you can step back from that edge a little more each day. Every step is so hard but well worth it.
  4. silver76

    silver76 Active Member

    Thank you for kind words. While I dont feel happy, I feel as though I am a little further from "pulling the trigger". I really dont have good days any more, just less bad. Everyday is numb, like im holding my breath waiting for something that never comes, and I can never put my hand on exactly what it should be. I play comp games to take my mind away from life. To live a life I think would be better. While I know it is fantasy, it is better then my actual life. No one screams at me. Demeans me, puts me down, makes me feel stupid. That’s funny too. IQ of 145 (not stupid) but I feel that way. That don’t make since does it.
  5. Carcinogen

    Carcinogen Well-Known Member

    I think it makes perfect sense. I'm shite with computers myself, but if I could escape that way, I probably would. I think as long as you realise that it is fantasy (which you clearly do) there's no problem with it.
    Relationships with other people - an emotional toilet :wink:
  6. akatsume

    akatsume New Member

    Ahh computers... :) Heck one of a toughie thing to fight against... until I realized I didn't have to fight against it... If you feel like speaking further about it, I'd e happy to hear your voice on this, perhaps we could share a lot on this one :) Until then, hang on to these things that keep you a little better, or less worst depending how you see it ;)

    See ya soon :)
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