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    I know that this is a pro-life site. YET, it is important to acknowledge what happens in the real world. If it is too harsh, I am sorry.

    I was not searching, just reading the news as regular and saw this.

    There was also this news that out of the whole world, citizens in the USA have the highest incidence of mental in-patient hospitalizations and depressions. That gives me even further desire to move to another country!!!Also, females attempt more with poisons or drugs.

    This is discouraging news to me. I wish I lived in another time where things were not quite so hard to take and deal with.
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    I know what you're saying.:sad: I feel such despair when I hear such things. The world can be such a harsh and cruel place sometimes but I try to find joy in the little good things that happen all around me, maybe just aren't given as much coverage as the big horrible things.

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    :eek:hmy: :sad:
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    Yes, least....the world is in sad shape!!
    Unfortunately, the bad, shocking news always gets the big headlines. The goodness and joy is often secretive. Like with 9/11--there is much bad, but much goodness too.

    OHHH! how are you dealing with the critters due to food recalls?? :eek:hmy:
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    I remember hearing this really disturbing song called 'Is suicide a solution?' It's this telephone message of someone informing someone else that their friend has just killed themselves. It sounds really real the guy's voice is breaking up and he explains in depth about his friend's death. He rambles on in detail about how he was always scared of heights and he doesn't know how he did it, it's a really depressing track. The only aspect of it that is quite interesting is that he talks about what must go through your mind between stepping off the edge and hitting the floor, all those regrets, all those things you'd wished you'd done..etc.
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    That does sound like a strange/sad song....only my thinking, by the time you step off the ledge, you would not have much time to have many thoughts before going splat.