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May you all help cumulating information

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by RySp123, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    General Disorders Forum : New thread.

    May you be numerous in participating in cumulating information.

    Go to the General Disorders Forum to post.

    Thank you all !!

    i would like all that are aware, have experience in that matter to give as much (detailed) information as possible.


    starting from the moment you arrive at the ER ...... who sees you, what happen while at the ER, then how do they go about it? Once decided it is best to be recovered and you agree (or made to) what happen
    (STEP BY STEP)........ i NEED you to tell us the step by step precedures to a recovery. How the registration is done, by who..... then once registered, who -how do you go into the psy ward? What happen once you cross that ward?

    -the day you become inpatient
    -once in the psy ward, the first day (what happen)
    -what goes on in the following days-weeks?

    tell us of your experience. it will help a lot of us wondering and might make the difference in the 'i'd like to go' or the 'i know i need to' BUT the 'not knowing' what to expect stops or delays one's recovery.

    please specify on your post the country you have experienced as not all have same regulations, laws or ways to go about it.

    avoid giving hosp. names or town-city you live into..... country is more than enough.

    if you were given medication, be generic (been given x tab. per day)

    talking about meds., those who were taking medication, were they given to you and left alone or had to take them under their eyes to ensure you would actually take them?

    the more details you give, the better outlook we will have on what it is to become-be an inpatient.

    thank you all.
    Once becoming an 'outpatient' after a stay in psy ward.

    you might want to give further information about once one is released from psy ward.

    who gives the 'ok' to go home? how is it the first day? Following days? What impact does it have on a person? How about support once 'out' of hosp.?

    Needs, lacks..... etc.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.