Maybe I should let go...

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  1. Let go of what I call "sanity". People seem afraid of me when I open up to them. Its like taking off a face that seems beautiful to reveal a dark creature.
    Yet when I put it back on and approach someone they are more than glad to have me around.
    Nobody really cares.
    Its all about survival to people now a days. I want to live not survive.
    Maybe I should let go.
    Not kill myself.
    But just let voices enter my head to keep me company even if there my own.
    Cut my arms to show a feeling that for once can be seen by others.
    And laugh.
    Laugh histerically at nothing.
    Just to see others afraid of someone trying to reclaim what was lost.
    True happiness
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Please dont harm yourself ok that only pushes people away more and you need support right now Please call your doctor or someone you know you can trust and get some supports in place for you
  3. I dont need support from hospitals or doctors. Dont worry about me Im fine give it to people who really need it.
  4. Besides if people are going to leave when Im hurt just to save themselves then why shouldnt I hurt myself? I dont need a doctor to tell me anything. If people are going to abandon me when they see Im in pain then its obvious that no one really cares and I do whatever so long as I dont kill myself.
  5. LoneleyAndLost

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    I agree with you.
    "If you can't handle me at my worst,then you sure as hell dont deserve me at my best" Marilyn Monroe.
    If they are true friends they will fight with you and try to help you.
    And yes you need doctor as soon as possible because doctor will help you to get better.
    Its not shame to go and talk to a doctor about what bothering you..
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