"Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode?" Part One

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  1. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    Predictable endings: 1

    I became accustomed to your face.
    I made you usual.

    The days I spent thinking of
    fantasizing of spending my life
    with your face

    At nights I saw your face while
    you were thousands of miles away
    confiding in someone else
    I saw your face
    and thought of the day
    I would sweep my fingers across
    those red cheeks
    Dissolve my hands into your stringy
    blond hair
    Meet your thin lips with mine
    and my wandering fingers

    I wanted to see your face
    with my hands
    feel your narrow nose
    that ridiculous chin
    Kiss your wide forehead

    I made your face usual.
    I became accustomed to your face.

    I would come home every day to your face
    Those distant and sad
    sideways and leaning eyelids
    I wanted to stare into them and find
    your character.
    Some semblance of a conscience.

    You fool.

    I spent my nights wanting to dream
    of you and I.
    Holding hands, in close embrace
    the fights, the passion,
    the throwing of heavy plates and
    sharing and confidence.

    And confidence.

    While you confided in her
    your greatest weaknesses,
    protected them from me
    To protect your image
    your ego,
    who you were in my eyes.

    But I was there.
    I was there.
    Why did you think I wouldn't care?

    My distant nature? Too thick,
    too strong a shell to be hurt
    by showing too much desire?
    You said you liked my fire.

    All just to get to a first date,
    You told me "why wait?"
    And at the sight of a shiny new toy,
    it changed to "why date?"

    It was all in good fun,
    just another one.

    But while it lasted there was one thing
    you needed to know
    something I was afraid to show,
    now before we both die
    from each other's minds, where
    dreams of a life together once swirled around, where
    we once entwined, where
    I drew a line, where
    mistakes of yours were apologies of mine, and
    maybe when I forget this -and you- in time;
    That unusual face -
    my desires to see it
    were a usual mistake.
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  2. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    Re: Predictable endings: 1

    The title in quotations is a line from a poem by Langston Hughes called "A Dream Deferred," one of my favorites.
  3. Terry

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    Re: Predictable endings: 1

    Love it!
  4. Acy

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    Re: Predictable endings: 1

    You tell the story so well! I love all the details, the hopefulness and yearning. The rhyming parts are lovely - I like the ones that are in the rhythm but not at the end of a line in particular.

    I hope the story is "make believe" for you, and, if it's not, that you are not still hurting. :hug:
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