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maybe not my last but soon it will be

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perhaps you will never understand. I'm not angry not even close. it has nothing to do with my life situation, I have great friends and family. its all in my head. I've tried it all nothing will make my thoughts more normal. why today..... why not why should I wait a day or week? how will anything change? I know things will only get worse, what's the point!
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calm down for a moment.

see that you are blinding yourself from that moment that this pain will pass away and you will feel better.

How do I know?

It has happened to me several time...

Don't let your imaginations take over...listen to your heart.


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The point is you're not psychic, and therefore you can't predict the future. You sound het up. Try some deep breathing, and rest in a dark room. It helps me if I'm stressed.


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my issues are far beyond a deep breath and even though I will be the first to admit I am not psychic. I do know this my life has always been hard, why should I believe things will get better. the only thing I am blinded by right now is the reality of my situatuon
Put some music on you enjoy, and sit back. Allow yourself not to think. If anything, think to yourself that its ok not to worry about anything, just to exist, and feel how good existing really can be. Stay like this until you feel you have perspective on your own thoughts, and see if you still feel the same. If you recognise that these feelings are only coming from your head, then you have the strength to think them through and overcome them. Things will be better.


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perhaps I will never be understood, I've heard, "thigns will get better," for almost 10 years, but when will things really get better for good. when will this war be over? when I end it!!


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I understand your thinking, I dont think it will ever be over either, but while your still kicking theres hope. Hope for better days.
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