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I've posted freely here when I was in crisis before, so just an update that I experienced a small change - rate this day a 4 on a scale of 10. When life has been a 1 (occasionally 2) for such a long time, I feel like I'm catching a breath again, maybe just a respite before the next next slam from life.

It's the first day in a month that I'm ok with the cop not taking his shot.

I'm still not sure about being alive, but today it's ok.


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Thats is good to hear, possibly look at what has changed to make today better and maybe you will be able to continue this. Good for you. :smile:


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Sorry I only got a brief break, this morning the extreme grief is having its turn. And its fucking ruthless. Sometimes I think the mood swings exaggerate the intensity of pain or relief. All I know is I'm hurtin' up in here, found two complete bedding sets the wife bought and probably saving for a special occasion. Damn I miss that lady.

And on an unrelated (????) note, the officer involved in my attempt called me last night to see how I was doing - he had told me he would check in with me if it was ok. Now I'd like to know if it's a sincere guy-guy "how's it goin'" or if this is some kind of official followup interview that goes into my record/history whatever they call it.


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Whatever the gesture, nice he called..and so sorry it was the lull before the storm...finding that bedding must have been so rough...big hugs
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