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    I'm doing the imposible not to think of hurting myself, cuz if I start, I won't stop.
    They not only ignore me, but also interrupt me when I'm trying to talk.┬┐What difference does it make?They don't get me, and they don't give a crap about me. I mean, they already had show me how much they don't care.

    Would it be better if I don't talk anymore? Would they notice?

    but wait! I'm the stupid little girl who's always wrong and who always makes a fuss over everything. Let's not listen to her. She doesn't matter anyway.

    Let's wait until she loses her mind and do something stupid, like ending her life and then, we'll blame her for being weak and say "why she didn't think about what we would feel?" Because, after all, we were always there to listen to her.

    Yeah, right. Fuck you.

    I'm done with this. My opinion doesn't count in any way. FGS, Why am I still here? Why do I keep loving them? Will I ever mean something to someone?
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    I'm all alone right now and I'm so happy I'm even singing. They're all at work and I was left alone in home. I can call it home when they aren't here. It's peaceful and quiet, no screaming no harrasing only me , my music and the computer. I don't even need to eat. I'm calmed, and that's good for me. I really hope they get here late, so I can be like this as much as I can. thank you God, for makeing me feel happy.:rolleyes: