Mdma 3 days in a row


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Im on my third day and have been using. No sleep. I dont have anyone to talk to and im hiding this from everyone. So to be blunt. I feel like getting rid of myself. I know something will happen but it hasnt yet.
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Hi, Crazy1. I'm sorry you seem to be pretty self-destructive right now. You mentioned you're not sleeping and have no one to talk to...and you're hiding what you're doing from people.

Is there something that pushed you to this point that you'd feel okay sharing about with us? Sometimes talking helps, but it's up to you if you want to or not.

I have the feeling that you're in a lot of distress, and that you don't want to die, but just don't want to be in so much pain.

I hope you stay and find support here. Please try to get some sleep. That will help you think more clearly in the morning.
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Sorry you’re in such a mess I have tried reaching out but you haven’t answered. We are many here in the SF community. You will feel safe talking with us. Please try


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I have hyperhidrosis and highschool was horrible for me i think that exelarated my social anxiety. Ive lost all my friends. Dont have 1. I sit at home and smoke weed all day. If i didnt idk id be dead. I think about it often. But i cant physically do it. Mdma helps you be talkative thats probly why i got it. And now i cant get it whenever i want. Im using it to help me get through my day and if i die using it. Oh well. I feel better on it than not on it. Im a seasonal worker and i dont work for another 2 months. I have a 3$ raise and thats the 1 thing in life keeping my right through thr day


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Actually. Im waiting for it. My life was a waste - i get it. Im just to wuss to do it myself so im going to let the drugs eventually do it. Yep


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Oddly MDMA would be the last thing I'd think would bring me to the suicide forum but ok, here we go...
Why don't you get another job instead of the seasonal work, eh? Then you wouldn't be staying home all day, which leads to more weed which makes you more depressed, adding to the entire cycle...? Seems the job is a big factor in how you made it here.

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