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Me. ...again. >_> Please say hi.

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So... I had an account before, but I think I made it when I was like 15 (or so) (I'm 20 now) so I hope it's okay I start over. I haven't been here in a while anyway. Though I guess it's sad how I keep coming back.

I actually wanted to post in the crisis forum, but I don't know if I should. I haven't contributed anything myself. And I'm not even depressed anymore, will I piss people off if I just march in here with my "ordinary" problems? I know I'm in a crisis situation but I don't know if there's any point in complaining to strangers when I need actual help. But then again I think I've given up so there's probably no harm in posting here.

I don't know. You can probably tell I'm confused. Hopeless too. But I'll listen to anyone, I do want to be helped. I just doubt anyone can, even I can't and I know what my actual situation is.

ramble ramble ramble

Please say hello. I feel like I don't exist sometimes, it'd be nice to have confirmation I do.

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Hello hun i am glad you reached out here for some support. YOur proplems are just as important as anyone else hun Welcome back to SF hugs:hugtackles::hugtackles:


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TY guise.

Idek, what do I do now? I'd probably be better off talking before I run out of time but I don't want to be ignored again. That'll just make me feel worse.


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okay you will not be ignored here so keep talking okay we are listening and we care we do hugs:hugtackles:
oh deer XD

Just so you know, that line in my signature is not a passive-aggressive stab at you personally, I've just noticed a lot of people here do that and I'm not comfortable with it (especially if it replaces actual advice). No more hugs please.

I'll make a thread when I'll think of what to say, but I think I'll keep it shorter than initially planned. I'm probably not as original as I think.
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