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me and my depresssion... whew

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been battling the beast of deep depresssion forever.. few times it has taken over everything... in the bed beneath the blankets.. or sprawled out on couch feeling like me feet stuck in concrete there...

simplest tasks totally undoable.. wanting it all to end also afaid it would..took different ancient antidepressants in past which did not really help at all.. about 8 yrs ago doc G. put me on remeron and trazodone to knock me out at bedtime.. they started y working favoably almost immediately.. slept for 5 or 6 hours first shift and woke wiht the world lookin one hell of a lot better and easier.. still on these meds and thank god they stll really working for me.. get the remeron munchies about noon most days but able to keep it moderate most days.

early years of my life were not good and depression seemed appropriate at the time.. but things got better over time and was still depressed serverly.. makes me think now: do i have a chemical imbaance which the meds help to give me what i am lacking ??

see shrink on the 27th and if am rational on that day wil talk to him about this.. Jim

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Stress wil cause chemical imbalances in the brain and yes you were definetly under alot of stress hun. I do hope you talk to your doctor about you meds and things in general hun to help you cope with todays stresses as well hugs
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