me and my fiance troubles

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by fear1, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. fear1

    fear1 Member

    :sad:, i really need someone to talk to as ive been having a few problems lately and i dont know what to do nemore.

    @ first my relationship with my fiance was brilliant but then things started to change. i didnt really want to bring up my past as i had a funny gut feeling that it wil happen again in the future, but because he started going on about his passed all mine blurted out and now its fecking me up and i get so fustrated.

    we went to couple counselling as we started to argue quite abit, which i hate.
    now hes gettin counselling on his own and im not sure how its going to help, i dont like going places on my own as i was used to going with my fiance.

    i just thought more couple counselling was to help us both but going on our own to see a counseller is not alot of help.

    i just want to forget my past but now its come out its hard to put it behind me and now i dont know what to do.

    please any advice will be helpful thanks

  2. mindpeace

    mindpeace Guest

    If your fiancee really loves you, he should not mind of what had happened in the past. Past is the past, you can't do anything about, its something that has already passed away... No need to come on it.
    He is not connected to your past, so he should not react like this.
  3. fear1

    fear1 Member

    true, although i do think ive put this on the wrong forum but thank you for replying. and i will speak to him:tongue:
  4. Lady E

    Lady E Well-Known Member

    You need to remember that the past is behind you, but it also is a part of you and molded you into who you are today. It isn't something (as hard as you may want to ) that can willingly be forgot about. If he loves you enough he will accept you and all of your past, as he would expect you to do for him.
    Couple's counselling is built around helping you communicate, and helping your relationship with eachother and going to see a counselor on your own can help you both strengthen the relationship that you have with yourself which is also very important.
    Have you seen a counselor on your own before? If you haven't maybe talking with one will help you, with the issues you have with your past.
  5. smackh2o

    smackh2o SF Supporter

    I agree with LadyE. You shouldn't bottle up your past. You should learn to confront it. :hug:
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