me and son Johnny


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another month and johnny and i will have been together for 35 yrs now.. early years were very tough.. severe autism was difficult for his mohter, johnny and me..

johnny was isolated in his own version of hell.. he knew he was diffetrent and that must have hurt him terribly.. screaming, crying adn assaulting cause that was all he could do.. katie his mom and i stuck wtih him thru all of this.. trying to give love to him the best we could at all times..

well johnny is doing very well now.. nonverbal but he communicates with the world very well these days.. knows what he loves and how to get it..i cannot imagine my life without him .. mommy and daddy are sort of damaged goods also but we all love each other very much..

zoomies just got up and in bathroom tinkling atm.. i am off to give him a hug now and tell him how much i love him.. (((Zoomies))) , Jim

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