Me coming clean for the first time

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  1. Ryan Atwood

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    I am coming clean for the first time and this is the first time I'm telling anyone this so I'm kinda nervous but... I am gay.

    That is not my main concern though. I was walked in on by my mom when I was doing something with another guy... and I really don't know what to do now.

    I had a friend over that I liked and he liked me too because we are both gay. We wanted to experiment so we took off our pants and... started rubbing our dicks together really fast. It felt pretty good and eventually we both "blew our loads" on eachother. We continued going for a bit longer and were about to stop when suddenly my mom walked in and dropped her coffee mug on the floor at the sight of my genitiles on another boys. She closed the door and went who knows where but hasn't mentioned a word about it. She's been acting really weird around me now and I don't know what to do. I'm really nervous to try and talk to her about it because I'm not sure how she'd react.

    Should I just stay quiet and hope things return to normal over time or should I confront her about it? I don't know what to do >_<! Someone please give me some advice :(.

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    I hope you are able to talk with your mother about this, without her getting upset. Please take care.
  3. Fatman1966

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    Take a big breath hold it for a second and slowly let it out.

    Try not to panic, it doesn't have to be a big massive deal if you don't let it.

    Your mum is probably just a little shocked, it sounds like you are quite young, your mum probably still has this picture of you as her little angel, or something like that, most mum do, even mine and I'm just past 40 ! Right now she is probably just getting used to the idea, worried for you and worried that she has done something wrong, thats made you this way, which is complete nonesense, but thats the way mums are, if your are gay, then thats great, I'm gay, it took me for ever to come to terms with that, but I have to say, if your are in your teens ( 13 - 19) then fooling around with other guys happens sometimes, I fooled around with quite a few guys at school, most of which are now married with children, so its not set in stone, but for me and possibley you, I knew I was gay by the time I was 15 or so.

    As for your mum, give it a while, a day or so, if she doesn't bring it up, then ask her if you can talk about it with her, arrange to go for a walk a park or something, just you and her, tell her how you feel about being gay, things you are worried about, ask her how she feels, tell her you love her and it hurts when she doesn't talk to you, try to stay away from talking about guys in a sexual way, he's got a cute arse, that type of thing, that might be a bit too much info for her right now, but what ever you do try not to have it end up in an argument, she might try and say its just a phase or any other kind of "its not normal", "OMG the world is going to end" type stuff, but you have to try and see past that, she loves you and doesn't want you to be hurt, being a gay young man can sometimes be tough, thats what she is frightened of and will want to try and protect you from that, thats all, try and remember that, she is probably more scared for you, than you are bothered about being gay, in this day and age, it's not really that be a deal, but to your mum it might be and it's meen your getting to age, where maybe you won't be her little angel, that she can hug and tuck into be at night, that can be a tough thing for a mum to let go of too.
  4. ybt

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    I have to say that you shouldn't be "coming clean" about your sexuality. It's not wrong.
  5. VALIS

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    Something similar happened to me when I was 14, having my first bisexual experience with one of my friends. It was horribly embarrassing. I guess if I were you I would do the same thing I did when I was walked in on, that is, I would say nothing at all until she brings it up. I don't know what else to say, I'd recommend talking to her except that if I put myself back in your shoes I could not have summoned the courage to go up to her and bring it up. Plus I don't think it would really help anything because if she's too embarassed to bring it up then it would be just as awkward for her, I mean there's not much to say, she walked in on you with a guy, so what is there really to explain?? I personally don't see the point in saying anything, just look at it like one less talk you'll have to have with her about how you're gay. I am very very sorry that you had to have an experience like mine. Hopefully your parents are tolerant and accepting of your sexuality
  6. Lead Savior

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    You'll have to talk to your mother about it. If she seems surprised or angry at first that is normal, but if she stays angry then she is wrong.
  7. Angelo_91

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    did you create get any xtreme friction from rubbing your dicks together? just wondering?
  8. Hazibell

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    I have a friend that was kind of in the same situation, his mum walked in on him and another guy, but she did actually mention it to him first. I hope it gets sorted out :)

    And Angelo, unless Ryan wants to answer i dont think thats a very appropriate question.
  9. ybt

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    I think it's appropriate, you can't say it's 'inappropriate' to that person because you don't know whether or not that person actually finds it inappropriate or not.
  10. Hazibell

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    Fine, but in a post thats asking advice though, it just doesnt seem it.
  11. Anime-Zodiac

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    I think you should talk to your mother about it. She's obviously shocked and for you both not to talk about it will leave alot of questions and answers left in the air.

    Good luck.