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    I'm full of it.
    My whole life in the last year has been composed of the same things, fuck, I don't even go out anymore even though I would to just go out and have fun.
    basically, since march last year I have been in a long distance relationship with a girl. I would and still do spend every single available minute of my time i possibly could talking to her, but ever since september I've realised I don't love her, to be frank. Infact, to get a proper Idea I'll give you a little timeline of my life recently. (well past year)

    - I go to a party of a very old friend - I'm good friends with his sisters as well and have recently been talking a load to his sister. At the party I got VERY drunk and had an enjoyable time - uncluding spending half the night with his sister and the other either making a complete prat out of myself or making out with someone else (it was one of those partys)

    - later, I am asked out by The old friends sister (lets name her T) and I said no - despite slightly wanting to (by this time I am going out with my current gf called R)

    -During this time R's best friend has told me that she loves me as well - her finding out I love her best friend results in her attempting suice and being thouroughly depressed - throughout the whole thing she rely's on me to help her out of all her problems. R, me and R's friend are all depressed quite a lot and we always meet up so at least one of us is left out.

    - sometime later, R's best friend suddenly decides that she hates my guts - no idea why. by now T, who I am best friends with, has become good friends with R's best friend (lets call her M)

    -sometime later, T decides she doesn't like me any more either - due tomy best friend and my brother launching an attack on me behind my back by trying to convine R, T, and M I am 'playing' them. am really pissed off yet do nothign about it - R (my gf) is happy as she had always had this idea that I would go out with T.

    -T decides she does like me now, and the next time I see her I realise i love her - I tell my gf that i am unsure of our relationship and want to split - we do but she is so suicidal I take her back because I'd rather break my heart then her's.

    -Me and T's relationship just wears away, (by now as in now not then, our friendship has faded away yet I love her)

    - I lose my virginity to my gf - I wasn't pressured I just did it so she doesn't think I dont love her

    - up to now - basically this is now:
    .I think T hates me
    .My gf's mum found out me and my gf are having sex - I am banned from setting foot in her house/my gf coming to mine (I would normally spend mostof the holidays round her house). My gf thinks she'll see me for one day every three months and is near suicidal. I cannot leave her now.
    .My whole life is dull and my gf alows me no privacy - I wake up in the morning and spend half an hour taling to her before school. I ring her as soon as i get home and talk to her on the computer/phone untill i go to bed - exceptions for when I have to walk the dog/ anythign my dad makes me do. this is my whole life at the moment, she doesn't even let me go out on fridays and I am alowed no freedom In what I do.
    .I'm not depressed as such, just boredand run down at the amount of utter crap I go through.

    rant over.. ahh.. felt good.
    Thanks for reading - any comments would be great as I've never ever told anyone else this much before :)

    p.s am going to bed now - I'll read any comments in the morning.