me moaning again

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  1. vbuk

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    ok so im here being miserable again. had a bit of a disagreement with my dad over my mums xmas gift. he got really shirty and stroppy with me and made me feel like shit. but hey thats what im here for! so i went out for a drive. headed out on the fast road out of the city. it is pretty bendy and just kept thinking 'what if i dont turn the wheel' there was nobody anywhere near me. just kept thinking how it would just look like an accident. maybe. i dont know.

    Anyway - it doesnt matter cos i was a wimp and didnt go through with it as ever. went and say by the bridge i go to all the time and looked up at the stars. i have 3 really good days - i just wish i could carry on with it. i dunno anymore. im trying so so hard. i dunno what anymore. work will be hard tomorrow i know it.

    had a really good chat with my boss yesterday and told him some concerns i have. felt really good.

    *screams so loud* just wish it would go away

    im sorry xxx
  2. lost_soul

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    :hug: like you told me, i'm here every step of the way. im here, anytime.
    take care hun :hug:
  3. Abacus21

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    *is the same as jcat*

    Here every step of the way for ya hun :hug:
  4. *is the same as the two above her*

    You know you'll always have people here for ya Clare..regardless of what happens, no matter how tough things seem to be, there will always be someone there for you. Please try to take care of yourself and be safe Clare, and you know where I am if you ever need a chat. :hug:
  5. vbuk

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    my three fav "j's". why do sweet people always have a J in their name :p

    love you all - you three are incredable people and i dont know where id be without you. love you all so very very much

    clare xxx
  6. andyc68

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    i don't have a j in my name but i am sweet too :tongue:

    been for that drive and had the same thoughts hun.

    always here if you need me

    andy xx
  7. RySp123

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    have lost count of the drives I've made with similar thoughts hun. its not a way to fix or alleviate inner pain and hurting. when you go to the bridge and look up at the stars,
    you are alone and none can hear you so SCREAM and SCREAM till your lungs hurt and your throat burns. You'll see how much of a relief it is.

    I am sorry you are the punching bag sort of in the house, people just dont know how to hold and deal with their emotions and rather take the easy way... get it out, throwing it away at another, the closest around gets it...... but it is not aiming at you, remember that Clare. It is NOT aimed at you.

    Bless your soul and please stay safe

    Granny xx