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me, myself and i

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PT :mad:
Nawty step!

I hope you feel so much better soon, I know you're going through a hard time but you need to listen and accept the support around you.
I also know these dates with this lady didn't go as far as you would have liked and no further feelings have developed. Think of it as a stepping stone to the right one. The perfect love of your life that will come along.
I guess you're missing your kids also, think they'll be back in your arms in no time :smile: .
Pete your the life of the party mate and don't you dare think of dampening it :nono:

Always Love You,
Your adopted daughter.
Thanks Blou, but to be honest, its not about her its about me.
I'm just not ready, but i sure am an expert at getting it wrong.
She offered much, i have nothing to offer.
I have much work to do.


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Nobody's perfect Pete, we're only human. Don't analyze yourself too much because you'll find never ending niggles!
Be happy with yourself, you're an amazing person, the 2nd best in the male gender :wink: .


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I didnt even know what to write for this but i coouldnt not write anything...you are already a good friend and you probably know me better than any of my family already and weve only talked a short time! you are an amazing dad a brilliant friend and i hope i can be half as good a listner as you are ! :) :sheep2:
dont ask me why the sheep is there i just picked it cause i wanted to :P
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