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    Im reallii sorry to bother you in any way..... myself n my partner were having a great time together, reallii loved up... however, he did not know i was actually pregnant... the other night i just blurted it out in front of everyone, embarassing myself and him. we argued in the street for ages n he slept on the sofa that night... now he is not tlkin to me like he used to n totally dont know what to do... i love him more with every passing minute but im terrified that his love for me is going in the opposite direction

  2. iKarma

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    Is he the father? Because if he isn't I could understand where he is coming from. However, this assumes that you got pregnant during the time you were going out. Having said that, if you were pregnant before you went out with him and didn't tell him, why didn't you tell him?
  3. Bubble

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    I can relate to your problem!
    I fell pregnant within 8 weeks of being with my bf! And he went all crazy on me and acted like a totally different man.
    It wasnt until i sat him down, with his mother!!! And we had a good chat and worked it all out and now we are okay

    If worst comes to worst, their mothers are usually good at getting their heads sorted out :D Apart from that, its generally a good idea not to keep that kindve info from him in the future because this journey is as much as his as yours.
  4. Mikeintx

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    do u mean that you were pregnant before getting with him and didnt tell him?
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    I agree with Bubble.
    Assuming he is the father, maybe try and talk to someone who has a little influence over him, somebody who he generally listens to - like his Mother or his Sister or a female friend of his.
    Hopefully they will help him to see if from your point of view, finding yourself pregnant is scary and esp. if you don't know how the guy will react, it's even scarier telling him. A third party to help soften the blow and explain that just because you're the one carrying the child - you both made it - and it's going to be equally as much his as it will be yours, might help him to come to terms with things and to understand.

    If the baby isn't his, maybe explain to him you fell for him and you were scared about how he would react upon discovering you were pregnant, but you can understand why he is upset and angry. As you have kinda decieved him.
    You may also have to accept whatever choice he makes, because that'd be a hard pill to swallow and not every guy is going to be happy to take on the responsibility of another mans baby.