Me Ranting. Ignore This.

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    I hate it when I'm at school, and I open up my wallet to go buy a soda and all of my money is gone. I never take more than like $5 but it just ticks me off. I know it's my brother whose doing it, he has done this before, but I feel like I don't have any privacy anymore. When I went camping over the summer, he went through my room and stole the rest of my cigarrettes (which I had a very very hard time getting since I'm not (and wasn't) 18) and threw them in the trash. He holds that over my head to this day. Urgh. I don't care if anyone posts here. I'd rather no one did since it's just me ranting. God he ticks me off. Everyone in my family does. They never knock on my door either. They just come in. Like it doesn't matter if I'm changing or not. When my brothers (or my sister in fact) bring their friends over, they take them straight to my room to see my corn snake. My room is usually a mess (like I have clothes everywhere and usually it's underwear too) and I can't do anything about it because the lock on my door is broken. That's all thanks to my brother who punched my door like two years ago and my parents don't want to fix it. Then my mom gets so mad at me for calling my brothers and sister names but they're allowed to say really hurtful things to me. I hate it.