me, the moon

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  1. MKat

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    i have a side that is always hidden
    that no light can ever touch
    that no man can ever see
    you stood there once
    cradled by my atmosphere
    catching passing meteorites between your fingers
    like midnight whispers after a joint nightmare
    gone in search of tempting sunlight
    now i'm alone among the stars
    unique amid so many imitations of greater light
    darkened, dented, damaged,
    but i am stronger
    for my imperfections
    fascinating, the craters on my soul
    undefinable, unreachable, unbreakable,
    always returning full
    even after the blackest absence
    do you fault me with this latest falling?
    just as soon you will watch me in awe
    as i rise
    i may stay close, my love
    but don't mistake this orbit
    for the fulfillment of some ingrained dependence
    i am free
    the queen of my solar system
    painting my fate in salt capped tides and meteor showers
    and i owe you nothing
    so don't slander me with sweet talk
    and insult me with offers of the world
    i already have something greater
    i am
    my own promise
    my own savior
    my own completion
    waxing and waning
    a chameleon of time
    beautiful in all my ephemeral phases
    me, the moon
  2. Witty_Sarcasm

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    Beautiful poem :) Thank you for sharing it.
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