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  1. sk123

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    I have NEVER had a relationship in my entire life. I am 25, and yes a virgin. I have already accepted the fact that I am a life long loser and do not expect much in the relationship category.

    I love when people tell me, "don't worry, you will find someone when you stop looking" etc. Hah! How many more years please?

    It doesn't matter what I do, no women are interested in me.

    Being alone all my life.... I wonder if I am even capable of a relationship? I wouldn't know what to do with a woman if I had the chance! (not sexually, I mean all the parts of a relationship). I am completely independent and most likely will continue to live my life solo.

    Until I kill myself. I SHOULD JUST DO IT. NOW.
  2. XsweetpoetX

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    You will not be alone forever. And youre no a loser because youre 25 and a virgin. Im 19 and Ive never had a boyfriend. And yeah I know it sucks sometimes but it happens. There is someone out there for everyone. You will meet someone when you least expect it. Dont stress it so much. I know its hard to be alone.
  3. sk123

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    Yes, I am a loser because I am 25 and never had a relationship. Normal people form bonds and relationships. I don't even have close friends.
  4. perry_mason

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    being totally independent is not necessaryly a bad thing.

    me too, no relationships, no friends but im not independant so you have one over on me!