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    It's part question. Why am I just so perfect in everything I do? Why can't I just stop being so magnificent?

    Well, that's actually a serious question. But, it's to the larger point. Why don't you feel amazingly glorious? Who says you aren't? People who aren't as amazing as you! Only weak confidence makes you take others with you. But, you can be great too!

    If you say/ think it, it becomes reality. You're just the best thing to live (well actually I am) ((but so are you)) just keep on reminding everyone you are the best! No need to say it, show it! Fix your posture, comb that hair, look people in the eye. Be so nice, that people feel your inner-love glowing from every single inch of your body.

    Only the strong survive, and you're living right!? Then you just stop telling your self you're not the best thing on the entire evolutionary tree! You planted that tree, so life could evolve into the perfectness that is you!

    Oh, you have problems? Tell those problems they just sent a cow to the butcher! They sent a Charmander vs a Squirtle! Problems!? Psssh! You don't got time to feel bad, you're too busy being amazing! People treat you bad!? Well, tell them you have to go be amazing somewhere else! (Literally do that, it's fun) why waste a second not being your self? When your self is the top of billions of years of creatures trying to be a fraction as good as you!?

    I'm a Narcissist? No, I'm just breathing!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.