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when is enough, enough? how do we get strength to actually go through with the ideations? I'm scared of failing. I can't keep doing this or trying to do this. it's the same rollercoaster of crap. I can't see long term at all. I don't feel like I can keep going in circles like this.


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there are times that enough is enough and suicide seems to be the only answer. most of us on this site have reached that point. that's when things are at their worst, thats when we've hit rock bottom. that's when we can't see the value of life.

but you have to keep tryng to get better. as i said most of us have been there but with a little help found a reason to live. there is no magic wand but if you keep fghting things can get better. it may take time but life can be worth living again. try to get some irl help so you can move forward. we are listening so please keep posting, you are not alone...mike...*hug*console*brohug


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Hiya, going around in circles is common with depression and the what ifs? But I suggest you keep talking here and opening up as much as you are comfortable doing :) SF is here for you.


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I often feel like my life is on repeat - or I'm a hamster on a wheel just running to stay in the same place. I can't think of a way out of it either. Well, one, but we both know what that one is so... Anyway, main thing is - you're not alone.
thank you all for responding. I stayed away from SF since I posted this, thinking perhaps it'd help.

I'm on meds, in therapy and honestly am trying and have been. I don't say things lightly. has every day been absolutely shite? no and I'm grateful for that. it's when those dark days and moments hit that are the hardest to deal with obviously. I tend not to post publicly unless I'm really not in a good place and aware enough to recognize that.

I feel overall that I'm losing the war. that's it in a nutshell.

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