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I guess it´s something natural from time to time to think that life seems to be boring... but it's not something that usually lasts too much. If it does, maybe it´s time to seek a psychiatrist + psychologist.
What do you mean by boring?


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welcome to SF @killmenoww we are a peer community that cares but never judges. please look at the different threads and post when you feel comfortable. we also have a good chat section if you prefer real time. this is a great time of your life and only you can make your life more interesting.

a good part of my life was filled with boredom, work raising a family, the day to day grind, so i do get it. now that i'm older and disabled my life is full of boredom. but i always find something that keeps me excited and alive. right now it's my 64 dodge, and sometimes i street race which is very dangerous. when you are going speeds way above 120mph and any wrong move could be your last then it makes up for the day to day boredom.

i'm not saying you should street race but i think you should find something to be passionate about. you are young enough the possibilities are endless. you have the power to change your life. and try to remember just a little excitement can cure the day to day boredom. i hope you find that something to be passionate about...mike...*hug*shake

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