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Sorry ive just copied and pasted one of my posts as i dont have the motivation right now to retype my background.

i dont know why im posting i probably just want to find somene who semi understands to talk too.
Ive previously slit a wrist, although it was some time ago, and i guess not a very serious attempt.
over the past 4 weeks ive been to hospital 3 seperate times, taken three overdoses, two whilst in hospital, and have cut both of my wrists badly leaving my arms looking like absolute sh*t. Within the past 5 weeks ive lost my job, my girlfriend, lost the trust and respect of my family... Tonight im lower than ive ever been. I dont have the strength to pick myself up from this.

So hi...


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Welcome Matt!! If you stick around you will find alot of us have tried to commit..There is alot of support here... I'm no longer suicidal even though I think of it everyday.. My most recent thought of going thru with it was the beginning of the month..But things worked out so I didn't go thru with it..
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