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Meaningless. That is what I feel all the time. What is meaning of life? Why are we here? Why even bother?

I currently am in High School, and I feel that school is meaningless. I was raised a muslim, and now I am starting to question God's existence. Everything I do in life, I find little to no joy or meaning. "Regular" people say that education is your reward for finishing school.

But what is education? It is nothing, absolutely nothing, it is just another one of the countless meaningless inventions we have invented. Haning out with friends? What for? Playing sports? What for? Being popular? What for?!

I love playing videogames though, it is the only thing that keeps me focused and calm.

Other than that, life is complete and utter shit, it is filled with pain and evil, where you will experience injustice at it's worst!

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Sorry your so depressed hun world does seem so dam cruel when one is so low. I do hope you can talk to a councillor okay someone to help you get supports you need to feel better
I feel exactly the same myself. Constantly questioning if anything we do here ever matters, if life even matters, what's the point in life, etc.

I finished high school in May, and I'm now in uni. Highschool was utter hell for me, and like you, I saw absolutely no point in it, although I do see a point in education. As Mark Twain said: "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education". School simply focuses on rote learning and memorising stuff (usually the duller, more intolerable information, the better, in the school's eyes). Lately, uni seems much the same, which is why I'm now considering quitting. I don't think I actually learned anything in 6 years of highschool, other than how shit it is, and how messed up it's made me. If you looked at the typical structure of a day at highschool, you'd assume the most important lessons in life are when to go to the toilet, how to think like everyone else, and to blindly obey without question. Not for me, thanks.

Now you seem like an intelligent person. I'd suggest that you do as much of what you enjoy as you can, and learn what YOU want to learn about, not the dry, yeastless crap that school forces you to memorise. You're only learning if you're enjoying yourself, believe me. As for the popularity thing, who needs it? From my experience in life, I'd conclude that being popular is simply a case of how much of a drunken, pretentious asshole you can be. Despite my incessant loneliness, I think I'd rather be a free thinker and a genuine person than a sheep, like far too many people are. Just do your best with regards to school, but like I said, concentrate on what you're interested in and enjoy. I personally never thought I'd make it past highschool (planned and attempted to kill myself), but I did and it does end, and you can choose to do whatever you want with your life after that (you also don't have to see or talk to anyone from highschool ever again, if you so choose.) Highschool is hell, but it does end.
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