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    Sometimes they make me so mad...I think that's part of the reason I can't stand my parents right now...I have seen videos of slaughterhouses and I can't believe that most Americans are just blind to it...don't want to think about it, and my parents are awful! My dad thinks veal is cruel, but has no problem eating chickens, when they have the worst life imaginable! Sometimes I read about hunting and other things that I just get so wonder I'm suicidal! Please post if you agree with me...
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    im sorry to say but its our nature to eat meat. i know that you would say that its not YOUR nature to eat meat...but it is in your instincts, you just completely object to it because of your sympathy towards animals. and sympathy to those who you feel need to be helped is also human nature.

    i may edit this in the future if i find a better way to say it...
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    It has been engrained in our nature to eat meat. People have killed animals for centuries to have food, to survive. I have seen videos, I have seen movies of slaughterhouses and yes it upsets me to see it but the fact is, yes I eat meat. I do not judge you for not eating vegetables and being vegetarian so I don't think yous hould judge others by food they eat. It just seems something pointless to be angry about. I'm sorry
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    I'm a vegetarian, but I treat everyone with the same amount of respect, regardless of what they eat. Yes, it saddens me to see the animal slaughterhouses, but people will always consume meat, it's just nature. I respect your choice to be a vegetarian, just as I respect the choice of meat eaters. :dunno: A person is a person.
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    Humans dont instinctually kill animals with their bare hands and eat them raw and whole, like natural flesh-eaters do. How is it human "nature" to eat meat? We're taught to eat meat from a young age, and certainly not taught to do it in natural manner. You do not need to teach something that is instinctual. Humans are genetic frugivores. How many people instinctually liked sweet, sugary food from a young age?
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    I made my point why I'm vegetarian elsewhere in my postings. I just want to pick up on the notion that
    This is simply not the truth. Whilst I accept that in evolutionary terms at one stage it was necessary to have protein as a energy source to survive, it is utter nonsense to maintain that this has been somehow ingrained into our nature, as if it is now part of our genetical make-up or our DNA.

    Similarly statements like
    simply do not hold water. Where is the proof of that? What evidence can you produce that eating meat is 'in our nature'? Its the opposite. Evidence suggest strongly that vegetarians live longer, healthier, less diabetes, coronary heart diseases, obesity to name but a few... If you intended to say 'mankind like killing, because its in its nature' you would have a point. Slaughterhouses are a testimony to that.

    What I object to are these sweeping statements, which are nothing but regurgitated group thinking. In essence the attempt of minimizing conflict of your consciousness. Critically testing, analyzing, and evaluating ideas and not just accepting that killing a living being is what is normal. There is nothing normal in a slaughterhouse, we are not natural carnivores, I don't have just 'sympathy for an animal'. A living organism is being killed for reasons which do not reflect any purpose any longer, apart of failing to question its moral justification. It is sad to know, that so few contemplate the fact that the unnecessary killing of other animals is inherently wrong. Just because we have sanitised the killing away from spying eyes should not have resulted in accepting that the dead thing on our plate was never a living and breathing being. Make no mistake, it once was.....