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    I've had a few weeks to stew over this and it still pisses me off. It sounds to like my therapist has joined the long list of people who don't believe me when I say I was sexually molested by a family member (by marriage). Ok so if I'm making it all up I shouldn't be having constant nightmares about it, should I? The last week I've been having dreams about how he used to touch me, rub his manhood on my body. It makes me want to be sick, but apparently this is all in my imagination. On top of it all I apparently wasn't raped either. That too was all in my head. How the hell does she know? Was she there? Does she know something I don't?
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    oh hun im sorry your therapist and others don't believe you hun time to get a new therapist one who will help you hugs
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    That was one of the decisions I came to over the December period is should I leave my current therapist I'm not going to look for a new one. I can't go through that all again, someone new who knows my secrets and doesn't believe me.
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    i had a therapist like that. and i had to weigh my options do i keep putting up with this or do i grin my teeth and find someone who will do there job, i completely understand telling your whole story over again, theres nothing more frustrating, i had good luck when i switched. some therapist are there for the paycheck, and then theres others that seem to get off on wanting to know specific details. they shouldnt be asking for such details untill your a totally comfortable and when your ready to talk about it. and its more of a hypnosis type of thing.
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    Mmm indeed. I know sometimes from tragic events things can get blurry, but full on taking a 180 on you is not helpful. It's just making more of a problem that doesn't belong, unless he's being very articulate in his view on this. Which defiantly hasn't connected with you. Sometimes we gotta change things unfortunately.