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    I have been reading about Medicare. What it covers, what it doesn't, what you still have to pay. I now understand why my parents both chose to sit at home and wait for death. Medicare suck!
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    You really do need to purchase one of the supplements if you need routine care. For inpatient it does okay - but with routine care 20% adds up very fast and prescription coverage really is an issue if on multiple prescriptions. If you are not familiar/ have not used AARP look into it. Their reviews and explanations about medicare and what supplements fit what situations is really very good. They also have a lot of other perks / discounts that are worthwhile. I am not 55 yet, but have medicare as part of permanent disability so got familiarized with it involuntarily and found AARP to be the best source of reliable reasonably unbiased information on supplements.
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    Am reading AARP literature and working with a broker. Thanks Ben.
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    I'm so dreading wading into this. I'm 65 in March.
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    I'm scared of losing my health and not being able to get proper medical care. There used to be security in this country, but our present government continues to cut essential services and benefits to the most vulnerable in society - the sick and disabled and seniors. They have even raised the qualifying age for retirement pensions, and are going to make it dependent upon the age of the youngest person in a couple so that if you're past retirement age but your partner is not, too bad.
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    Just watch the suicide rate soar among the elderly and the ill!
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    I'm hoping it won't be long until our present government is thrown into the trashbin of history. I recently read about a woman who died of hypothermia because her sickness benefits were cut after she failed to attend a back to work interview. She was in hospital in ICU at the time, and so couldn't attend.
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