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so, i have had 3 adults (one of them is a doctor) all say that they think that i need antidepressants. apparently i have extreme depression. now i just have to go to a doctor and get blood tests done. that part scares me. what if it's not in my blood? i want to feel better and i want to be happier, and if the antidepressants will help me with that, then i want the antidepressants. but what if it turns out that i don't need them? i don't want to keep on being like this. but i hate my counselors. that's right, i have two of them, plus 4 friends who all want me to talk to them.... that makes 6 people, and one of my counselors wants me to go talk to my old counselor that i stopped seeing because we didn't get along at all. i hated every meeting with her. if (not likely but if) i go to see my old counselor again, then that will be 7 people that i'm talking to. and i don't like talking to people. i would much rather write. this all sux and i'm nervous about getting the blood test done. i'm frustrated because i want to feel better but at the same time i really don't care. any advice? i kind of want the medication because it will make me feel better.... wont' it? HELP!



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thats too bad you cant get with a counselor you liked I think that is a huge part of your problem right as far as meds go....if you can stay off them and work through things another way cause blood test comes back whatever...but says you dont need umm...then waite a while...get a counselor you like...tell all the others your gonna need some space....keep a journal or a blog for yourself(personal)...somewhere and let only one in for a while...tooo many chefs ruined the meal....ever hear of that one.....but being on meds is not the worse thing ever eithier./...but they are not a cure all....they dont make it all go away...take good care...ask lots of questions from your docs....keep us up to date.....-Jodi
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