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Medicine really does make a difference!

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I just cannot believe how much better i feel :),

this is so strange i am smiling all the time,

anyways so i went to the doc a few weeks ago,
she gave me the zoloft generic, to help with my anxiety problems, they cause me to feel overwhelmed and get suicidal constantly.

well so it happened, you know when a person starts taking an antidepressant you get more suicidal, and i had homework for classes and quizzes, so i stood at the bridge thinking of jumping, but i did not,

anyways another week has passed and i am smiling and thinking of talking to people, i feel so happy :) i never thought medicine could change how i felt but it is amazing! i cannot wait one day if someone wants to think of balloons they might have medicine to help people think of it, that would be so strange :) but i happy and like to think of silly things when i happy :)

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Just took awhile for the meds to settle down thats all hun I am so happy the are working for you. Remember sometimes after awhile they may need a little adjustment again but i do also know that meds do work hun they have help many people live a productive happy life hugs


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Its good to see someone thats being helped by meds, before i was on mine i doubted things could change, yet im a totally different person now, i feel like me now....if you know what i mean
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