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    I try to meditate. But its not easy to motivate myself to do it. I also try to do meridian tapping (EFT) each day. Its difficult in a vacume of being so alone, do motivate myself. Well perhaps I am one of the least motivated people i know.

    I was wondering if anyone else is dealing with the same challenges alone. And would like to support one and other with whatever self help practice you are doing or want to do. thanks :pinkrose:
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    Hey flowers,

    I resorted to guided relaxation meditation to help with insomnia when the doc continually refused to prescribe sleepers- even though i could not function at all on only 3 hrs a night for months.

    I struggled to start with but downloaded so guided meditation audio- i never realised it took skill to meditate but im getting better, as long as i can get my brain to shut up for a while..
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    yes Monika
    It is hard for me also to shut down my ( what the Buddhists call ) "monkey mind" aka chatter/ non focus. And to focus on the meditation itself. But I agree, that its something that does take skill. With guided meditations, often I can have the words playing but because of the chatter in my mind I miss a lot of what was said. Although with guided meditation, especially for sleep, they say that there is a part of you that will hear, even if the cognitive mind is focusing on something else.

    I sometimes can relate to just surrounding myself with light. just sitting there and pretending I am inside a beautiful crystal. With lots of light. Or something like that. But do I really set the time each day to do it? Not if I am left to my own devices. But I do want to be positive and constructive here. so I will go do that right now :) I also am committed to doing something called EFT aka meridian tapping along with a recording from the internet that changes weekly. Its supposed to help a lot. I would like to hear more about the meditation recording that you downloaded. Sending light and :flowers::flowers: to you
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    Hi flowers,

    Here is a video clip about meditation which has been highly recommend by many people I know of:

    True Meditation

    (You will see there are 6 parts so you will need to click for the next one, etc...)

    He is one of the best teachers I know of :)

    All the best to you!
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    Hi everyone. I've tried this path (awareness-based approaches) in the zen and recently theravada tradition of buddhism (Mahasi-style noting) but had no success, instead i think these experiences have worsened my state. There is something strange as if you engage meditation to escape, things go probably wrong. I've been a complete failure in this.

    He's incredible... thanks.
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    I am a buddhist and meditation is part of my daily life but I find when I am really low as I am now I am incapable of meditating . When I am stable though I find it very helpful to keep me stable and calm. A stable me is a very laid back person ,not at all the person who has appeared on these boards over the last couple of weeks.
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    Thank you, Marco :)

    Here is another video clip by Adyashanti (and you can see some of his other video clips available on the webpage if you are interested):

    Adyashanti - Chasing Enlightenment (about 1.5 hour long, Q&A after an hour time)

    Lots of free stuff on his website and his writing is beautiful/can be enjoyable, too:

    p.s. I’ve never been a good “meditator“, either. The traditional type of meditation seems to require our effort to suppress thoughts. As the saying goes, what we resist, persists. It’s possible that the suppressed thoughts would flood out in a more powerful way after that kind of meditation, which could make us feel like in a worse state…
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    Thanks for sharing that, Johnnie :)

    As for me, I don’t fix myself to any religion. I appreciate that all religions may point to the same truth of life if people can really see what they point to by going beyond the concepts... I just live by the truth I feel or see…really simple and light…

    I can see that you are very loving to others...while loving yourself unconditionally is just as important, if not more important. You know you can get through what you are going through and free yourself from the conditioned mind so that you can feel deep inner peace…and one with life...
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    I am very impressed, indeed. I spent 2 years in a program that taught people specific meditation in addition to other things such as clairvoyance and healing. After all of that, and other studies, such as having spent 10 days in retreat with a zen buddhist master and his nuns, I have learned to simply surround myself with light. Beautiful light. When we focus on the mind in meditation, the heart can still be closed. I aspire to opening of the heart.

    What I like that Adyashanti focuses on, is that the mind is probably not going to get you where you want to be with meditation. I so absolutly believe that it is the heart that is true. The mind is the ego driven facility. Both are important to live. But Home is in the heart. Resistance lives in the mind. Thing for me is I have overly developed the mind, because of the wounds I expereiced in the heart. This is never a good thing. But it is what I did. So the mind races races.

    I agree with so much of what he has said. What is real. what is not real. Yes. It resonates with what I think and feel. I have not heard all of the segments on youtube yet. but what I have heard is great. Thank you
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    Thank you flowers…

    Most of us have overly developed/conditioned the mind…it's our society, culture, long human history, etc... Good news is that we can find the way back home to the heart. Like some spiritual teachings have said, in a way we need to "unlearn"...

    I feel you have a very loving heart :)
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    Thank you LoveBeing, I know you have a very loving heart. Thank you for being here :)
    Yes, most people who are here on earth at this time tend to have overly developed minds. And yes, many people who think there may not be a way back to their heart, will find that way. Eventually all will. Y

    es we do need to unlearn. And perhaps make peace with some of the resistance. The truth is that each one of us is light beyond what we may imagine. Even those of who are convinced they are not.
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    Epson salt may be good for meditation as it relaxes the muscles.
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