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I have started looking at ways of meditating through sources on the web.

Yoga is not as attractive to me, My lanky frame doesn't stretch that way.

I find it very good for relaxing and relieving stress, does anone have any particular issues with this subject in regards to escapism or the possibility it is a substitute for love? It is daydreaming at its most abundant. I am getting into it radically as my interior strains and pains melt away with ease and consider it such a positive step.

Has anyone else experienced meditation and found it usefull?

Does anyone view it as something evil? tell me why, Im all ears.
Meditation as evil? no actually meditating is something called mindfulness.....it's where you focus on something and keep doing it, don't pay attention to the outside world....it's a type of meditation...but I am in a hurry so if this doesn't make sense sorry.

Take care hun... :hug:


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Makes sense.

I like to totally go inside myself, its like opening a part of me that never existed. looking at the basis of all my emotions. It is awesome relaxation. My imagination hasn't felt so enlightened since I was a kid. upon returning to the world from this everything seems so much more workable. like having peace in oneself by alligning your true emotions to the world. feeling 'good vibrations' (beach boys, classic) Rather than getting irritated as I usually am.

It sounds as hough people have other uses for it. In mindfullness do you mean to just focus on yourself or the way in which you respond to others?
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