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meds and doctors

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ok i was wondering if people in the uk are mostly under NHS doctors and if they have to pay for their prescriptions and if you think that a private doctor who you have to pay will more readily give you medication and diagnosis.

My most recent doctor who I been with for 2 years will prescribe meds for ocd for me no problem but I mentioned (well someone did mention) that my moods go up and down- which is common and doesnt mean bipolar. do you think if i paid for treatment i would get a diagnosis of bipolar and medecine effective for it- or do what i always done and just get on with it. sorry its so long.
I'd like to think that an NHS doctor will arrive at the same diagnosis as a private doctor but maybe I'm naive. I guess you must get better care privately tho or people wouldnt do it but I've never been in the privalidged position to get private care. Be a good experiment for someone who could afford it tho.


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i just went back to my GP about my depression, i mentioned Bipolar and i was reffered to the local mental health dept.

within a week i was put on better meds by my gp and i have had my first assessment and now waiting to see a shrink, so i doubt going private will do anything more than cost you more.

go back and ask about Bipolar, you have nothing to lose by asking outright.
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