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I had an OK summer. But the second things started to get crazy, I did too. My anxiety is through the roof and my depression all consuming. Things were getting really bad again and my friend got my to go to a clinic tonight. I was soooo nervous. I sat there trying to be relaxed but I was so tense and the doctor didn't want to give me anything. I guess I had a sad/disappointed look on my face when she said this because she said that I was making her feel guilty. So she prescribed me Luvox. This took about 45 minutes of my friend and I sitting and listening to her talk and talk. I know she was just trying to help but I just wanted it to end.

I then went to get the prescription filled and I took my blood pressure on one of those machines when I was waiting. Well...I went from always having normal blood pressure to 150 over 90. That was after sitting and going to store and everything. A little stressed...maybe.

I get home and my dad is mad because I forgot about a meeting I had with the ICBC guy. It turns out that I might be getting $ 3000. I don't know why. I wasn't hurt or anything and that was over 6 months ago. This does make me happy because that means I can for sure go to Cancun with some people for spring break.

I wrote this because I just wanted to tell someone this and I didn't have anyone to tell. I just hope things get better. Since I made that first step I have to follow up and the doctor said that I will most likely get counseling. I just hope it goes better than before. I gave up after about 5 referrals.

I also learned that if I need counseling that I can get it better and quicker if I do it through my dads plan. The problem with that is I will have to tell him I need it and we DO NOT talk about that stuff. I really don't want to do that. I will waiting and see.


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i hope the meds help soon hun :smile: i know how horrible anxiety can be :hug:

if you dont want to talk to your dad about your problems you dont have to, you could just say you need his plan for counseling and you'd rather not go into much detail, if he wants details just say something like youve been feeling fairly down recently and your dr thought a counsellor would be helpful

do you think you could try that?

take care
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