Meds and sex drive

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  1. Lucie

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    I've been put on 20mg a day of Citalopram for my depression, I've been on them for about a week now and have noticed that my sex drive which was pretty average before I went on the meds seems to have gone, like nothing turns me on and I feel quite emotionless.
    It couldn't have come at a worse time as I have got this new boyfriend, I still have sex with him but just dont enjoy it like I use to. Anyone got any experience with this stuff? Will my drive go back to normal with time or should I change meds?
  2. kenny

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    I lost my sex drive a bit on 20 mg and also found climaxing more difficult.
    I'm now on 60mg and it is even more difficult for me to climax. my sex drive has definitely been affected, but given that I'm stuck in a sexless marriage it's a bit of a moot point, sadly.

    That said the other side-effects of Citalopram are among the least intrusive among meds, so it will depend on how strongly you feel about it.
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    I'm on fluoxetine(prozac) and since I started taking them I have no interest in sex at all.
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    It's a common side effect for any anti-depressants, I've lost all mine too, though I actually didn't want it anyway. But still, I take lexapro and I don't have one.
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    Becareful see

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    You need to consider All your options


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    Don't panic. I didn't take mine for a few days and found that everything was 'almost normal' if you know what I mean.