Meds not helping once again


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Foe the umpteenth time the meds I'm taking are useless and I'm tired of switching to new one's yet again.I'm fed up with trying to new meds that simply are useless,I don't like blaming it on the meds but for well over ten years I've never found one to be of any use to me.I mean I think what is the point in taking them is they're just so useless all the time?I don't get it.


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Rapid cycling bipolar is medication-resistant. You're not likely to find relief through meds. Try something different *hint*.


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Thanks Steffen didn't think Bi Polar could be fixed or helped alot after years of taking meds.I thought it was mainly or all my fault doing the wrong things,til I always get told it's not my fault.

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no bipolar cant be fixed but can be managed to the point you can cope hun. No it is not your fault the illness fault i hope the cycle gets over quickly and you feel better soon


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things always feel worse when we give up hope ace
so don't give up!
as TE said gotta find a way to 'manage' it
I wish they would find the right meds for you so you can get some respite
keep at those doctors for a solution


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Thank you TE&IV yeh I've been on most mood stabilizers and none have had any positive effect tried doing everything else as well.I just want to give up to be honest thinking I may've to be honest,I don't know how to keep at this anymore.


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Don't apologise to me, I'm not suffering for it... But it's the only thing that's helped me so far, and others too. It might just be what you need.


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Ace, I am sorry things are rough again, I crashed in Feb and now right back where I started despite meds. Not the same I know, but just wanted to let you know you're heard and hope you can get meds sorted.
I hope your Docs the kind of person who listens with empathy, do they know how despondent you feel about the meds?

Anyway no ground breaking advice just wanted to say Hang in there! x


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Thanks alot Ditsy I just saw your reply now,my Dr does listen to my meds situation but am worried that not enough gets done no disrespect to him he's a fantastic Doctor.I'm really down at the moment and don't think these meds are doing enough.Maybe it's my fault as well.


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To sleep, my therapist is giving me those 2 pills, to take 1 hour before bed :
1-clonazepam 1mg
2- Seroquil (quetiapine) 100 mg

Of course, it worked super at the beginning.
But my vacation is a hell and I am not sleeping very much, but I do not see the therapist before a good month.

Should I increase myself the pills ?
Would you do it ?

Vacation is supposed to be a time where you relax and get energized and I do neither.


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Sorry Kassy for the late reply I haven't been online much at all,it's a tough one with the meds I've just come off Lithium and I haven't seen my Psychiatrist.My GP thought it was best to take me off it,I agree as it doesn't seem to help at all in any way.I've never found a med that has helped me at all.I don't know if you should increase the pills maybe see what your Dr thinks.

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