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    well ive been on all diffrent kind of meds in the last 6 doctor said prozac was ganna be the last one hes ganna try on me cuz nothing else worked....hey it was only at 20mg but i started being manic soo he said i was bipolar diagnosis always gets changed......well i went to see another doctor and had him up it to 40mg but it doesnt seem to be working as well as the 20mg did...does that even make since...
    ive taken a couple months off of therapy since i turned i have to get a new one and im scared cuz ive never picked out my own or went and made my self go....i dont trust easily but i know i have to get everything out....the only theripist i trusted was the one i got stuck with in foster care and it took me a yr to trust her..i know i can still talk to her when i need to but i dont want to act needy...i pushed her away everytime she used to help me but thatrs cuz i knew she would be there when im ready but now im an adult and she cant help me im not in foster care ne it suckz...i need her more now then ever..but she has her job and other kids to deal with then to worry bout me
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    :hug: we're all here if you need to talk.

    When did you turn 18? why cant she still have you as a patient? i mean if you were with her before she may be able to still see you.
    I know its hard trusting new people. and its prob hard to trust us, but you should try and get a new one (if you cant see your old one). it will take time (as before) but its worth it in the end right? plus this time you wont have passed an age where you cant go back

    thinking of you, :arms:
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    Hey, are you going into adult services now?
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    If you're in the UK, I guess you were being cared for under CAMHS before. They should pass you on to adult services themselves, you shouldn't have to do a thing. It should be automatic. :hug:
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    HOLD ON!!!!!!!! Tell em like you tell us, that you don't know if you can do it alone. keep us posted, ok? I know it must be so so hard. Just don't give up.