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Meeting other members

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Hi all. Ive been a lurker for a while and decided to register finally. I have seen so much heartache on this forum and can certainly sympathize. However, how often is it that other meet in real life? Is it against forum policy? I think it might help a lot of individuals here to have someone to see and talk to in real life. Im a pretty quiet and introverted person but would love to get to know people. Ive been living in the Tampa Bay Area for a whole year and have not made a single friend and Ive read several posts about others' loneliness. Im not a naturally happy person, and my mind usually defaults to dark thoughts when Im not talking to someone or working. So, if theres anyone out there who agrees maybe we can start meeting members who are close to us.

I know this wasnt the most eloquent post but I just wanted to get the general idea out.

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i've met up with Fooo he's a great guy and we had a lot of fun. It all depends if you feel safe with the person and whatnot. I really liked meeting up with someone.
Res, I would love to meet you and I think you would be beautiful, no matter what, because you are beaytiful on the inside. That is where it count.
I've met up with a couple of people too, and I know quite a lot of others who have. It's pretty cool seeing someone in real life when you've talked to them online a lot :) Worth a try, especially if you're lonely!


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Perhaps we should have a UK meet day:biggrin: we pick somewhere in the middle and everyone converges on it. (sends someone in me place who's thin).
I've met up with a good few members from here :)

Each time it's been fun, and I've felt safe and secure in doing so, but I guess that's because I knew them online a lot.

It's a nice feeling to see someone after you've spoken to them online for so long :)

Try it - but only if you're totally happy with the situation etc :)


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Perhaps we should have a UK meet day:biggrin: we pick somewhere in the middle and everyone converges on it.
Why do I love this idea? Oh yeah, cos central UK is practically no more than two hours travel for me - even on the slow trains! Result!

PS: In case you can't tell, I'm taking this idea very seriously as it sounds like a great plan :hug:


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I live in London and could easily commute somewhere.
I've met Mike he's lully and very gorgeous. But hands off, he's under my lock and key ROTFLMAO!


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Resistance, having known you here for quite a while, and having grown to love you like a dear friend, I'd be a real shit if I met you and blew you off cause of your appearance. I'm not a real shit and would not give a damn what you looked like cause I've already seen you on the inside - and that's what I look at.:smile:


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