Meeting Terrible Girls

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Jemi200, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Jemi200

    Jemi200 Well-Known Member

    All my life most ppl have called me good looking.

    Suddenly though, as I talked to more promiscuous (I knew after) women (usually blondes), they just thought I was another guy to play.

    I just blocked one out of my life that was going to do the same degree as me, b/c she talked to other guys the same she talked to me, pretending to like them. She's just like every other girl I've stereotyped. Maybe the stereotype for good looking girls having playful intentions is true.

    I don't want a girlfriend, but I hate that I can't befriend girls b/c they think I'm another playtoy for them!
  2. Stranger1

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    I'm just the opposite.. I always talk to women.. It's other males I can't relate to..To me women are more intersting.. No macho bullshit.. Guys tend to compete more..
  3. LetItGo

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    I just want someone I can connect with. I mean really connect with. Man, am I that much of a freak? Seems so. I get along ok with men or women, probably better with men cause Im a little rough around the edges for the city girls I tend to meet atm. Half thinking I would be better off in the country, but the opportunities are all in the city, professionally. Can at least seem to make friends with women these days, thats an improvement, but it doesnt go any further cause I cant connect with anyone - man, women or the fungi on last weeks pizza.
  4. Aurora Gory Alice

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    I've always felt like guys dismiss the average looking girls and tend to materialise towards the attractive ones.
    Even if it's just being friends.

    My brother once told me guys do this (whether subconsciously or not) because they always want to be surrounded by women they fancy, that they will hopefully, eventually have a chance with.
    If that is true - that sucks!

    I do notice that all of the pretty girls seem to have more male friends though.

    I guess all I'm saying is, it feels like attractive people stick with attractive people and ugly people stick with ugly people and then attractive people complain because they aren't attractive enough & start getting used by other attractive people...

    I could be wrong.

    I'm with you MJ, just a connection would be nice.
  5. Jemi200

    Jemi200 Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I do that to any girl attractive or not. Though I do get more attention from attractive girls.

    The focus is these girls that think they're the shit for playing guys. It's usually always the hot blondes or brunettes,etc. That annoys me, I want a friend not a girl who plays me.

    Guy or Girl friends are good, but the girls just seem to be shot down completely with how they treat me.
  6. Lizzy17

    Lizzy17 Member

    Good thing you met me :) lol
  7. Jemi200

    Jemi200 Well-Known Member

    Haha yes Elizabeth