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Meetings ?

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I was curious...

Even though i suppose there are people here from a lot of different countries, have there ever been meetings between members?

Don't you think that could help?

Sometimes a hug is worth 1000 words...

... just a thought...
I know that people have met each other here and found they lived fairly close to one another and arranged to meet. If you are talking about actual meetings by large groups of SF members, I don't think so, but I haven't been around that long. And you are right, hugs are nice. :hug:


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Well I have only met one person offline, and she was not from this forum. And it was an interesting experience. Then she turned out to be a bitch who thinks the only good most men can try to do involves the bedroom.

I think it would help to meet someone you meet on here or anywhere, within legal stuff. There are plenty of people of whom I would LOVE to meet in real life. I might be meeting someone really soon.

But you are right, I feel, some things cannot be expressed in words or emoticons or net actions ~sits down~. Sometimes I wish I could trade the thousands of words I trade with people online for just one sincere hug. But words are better than nothing, in my book.

But if you are thinking about meeting someone offline as long as you are not breaking any laws I would recommend it.

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I was just thinking of asking this exact thing. If any members here have met. I often feel frustrated and helpless trying to just use words to help. When I care about someone I want to so something real.

The internet is interesting in the way it can bring people together. Ironically because of the distances between members, we are kept apart.


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I have met someone from here, and considered (and possibly will) meeting a few other people. I think it can be good to meet the people u form close friendships with but obviously care needs to be taken when meeting anyone off the internet.


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A lot of the staff have met up (not all at once due to being in different countries).

It is really nice to see people who you have come to know and to care for, but of course, meetings should always be done with caution! (just wanted to add the little lecture bit in there!)


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I don't think there is anyone here from Houston and even if there is, I'd be too shy to meet him/her. :unsure:
Nothing's planned yet, but I know of a few people who may be meeting up :)

I've met people from SF before, and great they are too!
I hope to meet a few more this year too!! (And I know I will meet a couple :) )

I can't wait :)


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It's good to know that. Although i love this forum, and the internet for providing such a wide communication realm, i admit that i'm often frustrated for just standing here in front of a pc.

The internet made it a lot easier for many many things, and expanded worldwide communication as no one would imagine, but made it at the cost of people loosing physical proximity. A majority of people is much more distant to each other, and less willing to interact personally.

Yeah, there are an almost infinite number of advantages, but at what real cost? What are the mental consequences of this?

Sorry... just a mindless rambling.

The bottom line i wanted to get at, is that meetings could be very important for a lot of people here.

Oh, and i doubt there's anyone from Portugal here, but if there is, i'm right here :tongue:


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Oh wow! Someone who lives near me! We should chat ^_^
Hey yeah. I think the nearest i've seen anyone is Scotland with moonstar. It's weird that, i've never been to Leigh I don't think, and it's only down the road. I've got to get out more.
How's it going down there?

P.s I think it was mainly televisions fault that a lot of antisocialism started because it gave the apathetic a chance to ignore the rest of the world because they could be entertained by the stupid box. Now we're all slaves!

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I think it would be an awesome idea to schedule maybe two SF meetings a year. I am probably being selfish, but I'm thinking one in the UK, and one in the US. For the people who live in other countries and couldn't make it... we could talk about ways to get them to the next meeting while we were there.
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