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  1. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Feb. 23) -- A Delaware pediatrician has been indicted on 471 counts of sexual crimes against 103 children at his practice, and authorities are urging former patients and parents with any information to come forward.

    "The charges in this indictment are unique in the history of the state of Delaware, as far as I can tell," Attorney General Beau Biden said.

    The 160-page indictment returned Monday accuses Dr. Earl Bradley, 56, of molesting young patients at his Lewes, Del., practice, BayBees Pediatrics. All but one of the alleged victims were girls and some were as young as 3 months old, prosecutors said.
  2. Little_me

    Little_me Well-Known Member

    Omg :cry:
  3. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    wow...I'm sorry...but finding children sexy is something I was born without...I can't even begin to understand that...I mean, kids have nothing, no breasts, no hair nothing! There's nothing sexual about them...why would someone find that arousing??? I mean 3 month old??? 3 months old can't even talk, and barely move how can they be sexualise like that?

    there are some seriously disturbed people in this world...glad he got caught before he made even more victims...'cause I'm sure he wouldnt stop...

    its sad so many lives was it allowed to get to that? and no one saw anything??
  4. lightbeam

    lightbeam Antiquities Friend

    How sad for all those kids affected. I hope they find peace.
  5. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Some of the parents must be stupid. For this to be going on for so long, they would've brought their kids back to him again and again. Are they that blind?

  6. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    God, I almost threw up when I read that. :cry:
  7. bluegrey

    bluegrey Antiquities Friend

    I don't know, do these sadistic creeps really get sexual arousal from toddlers- or do they just get off from some sort of power trip over the vulnerable. F**king demented and heartless- can't he even fake looking ashamed!!!
  8. friendless

    friendless Well-Known Member

    As a parent, this is enough to give me nightmares...

    I guess the lesson to parents is NEVER TRUST ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BE ALONE WITH YOUR CHILDREN! This just shows that pediatricians are no exception.

    I do know from people who have been to prison that inmates who are known pedophiles are always singled out and abused. Even in prison pedophiles are considered creeps [creeps among creeps, lol]. Also, depending on state laws, registered sex offenders are legally obligated to notify residents of their neighborhood that they are sex offenders. They also cannot rent of buy property in a neighborhood where children are known to reside or congregate. This guy in particular has achieved nation-wide infamy, so he will never know peace again.

    This still makes me feel sick and sad even if justice has been served... because it still happened and will continue to happen and will always be a threat in my overprotective parent mind.

    Times like this make me wish we could go back to the code of Hammurabi; pedophiles will be castrated!
  9. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    the problem with that is that the pedophiles and rapist will use other objects to abuse their victims...

    I say they need to have all of their limbs cut off so they are stuck in a wheel chair unable to do anything at the mercy of everyone...what can they do with no arms, no legs, and why not even cut their tongues out...

    the next best thing is to get them imprisoned for life...never a chance to get out....

    laws need to change to prevent victims instead of acting once theirs a victim
  10. bluegrey

    bluegrey Antiquities Friend

    The human mind and individual personality is so variable- there are people, male and female who are actually sexually attracted to their CARS. If you are born (?!) with or environmentally develop this sexual deviance (attraction to children) then get help, get therapy but don't even dream of crossing the line. This universally wrong and evil sexual preoccupation has to be compartmentalized and suppressed permanently as opposed to having the hots for your Volkswagen Beetle.

    Perpetrators of harm to the fragile minds and bodies of children should be given a minimum of twenty years to life sentence of hard labor without parole. THAT would hopefully deter most of this crime but there will always be a few persistent dementoids.
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  11. Things

    Things Well-Known Member

    Sick, just sick.

    That guy's fucking lucky the cops found him before the parents did. Can you imagine what they'd do to him?

    Honestly, if someone did that to a loved one of mine, they'd beg for prison.

    This is why I avoid reading the news, I get so pissed off. X|
  12. mcviking

    mcviking Well-Known Member

    Pedophiles have amoung the highest recidivist rates of any crime. Therapy and medical treatment are nearly uneffective. As a former police officer and survivor I can tell you how many of these sick fucks are out there. They can't be cured. The only way to stop them is prevention and common sense. Teache your children well. Be wary of strangers. Teach your children self defense. Teach them about their bodies and what is considered apropriate and inapropriate. Teach them early about sexual education. Knowledge is the best offense and defense against these monsters.
  13. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    And even with all that "education" and "prevention" in place, any and every child is still vunerable.

    Really want to stop it? Shoot the sick fucks and stop them dead!!! And please save me the "but they're people with an illness, they dont understand the nature of what they are doing or they dont see it as wrong". The rest of society does see and understand it's wrong. Dont tell me that if it was your child that was one of the victims you wouldnt say or think the same thing.

    These disillusioned fucks are committing a crime that their victims will live a lifetime suffering from. And they keep being given the opportunity to repeat their disgusting immoral actions. Dropping them dead in their tracks is even much too kind an end for such vile monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Tobes

    Tobes Well-Known Member

    Funnily enough a bullet to the head would be the safest option. It would stop them from damaging children, and it would save them from getting beating up daily in prison, which would be a bit cruel, even if they deserved it. I know they can't change who they are, but when it comes down to it they are dangerous and sometimes reckless monsters. As mcviking said, they can't really be properly rehabilitated, and every day they are out of jail (before or after) they are a danger to kids.

    I agree with Itmahanh, these sickos aren't deserving of life if they have the capability to fuck up a life/lives beyond repair. The saddest and most disturbing thing is, there will always be these dirty fuckers in society, and most of them will go unnoticed and unpunished.
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  15. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    Easy to just wipe yourself clean of an issue isn't it...

    What exactly does that tell you about our society then if we execute people? It's a lack of understanding and a way of dealing it. Basically, the process of rehabilitation eludes us for these people, and as a result ending their existence will make us become safer and protect future victims.

    Still a lack of understanding. In order to overcome something we have to understand it, and shooting a problem in the head is not a solution. By all means keep them locked up( ?). Don't let them near children or potential victims again( ?). But we should be better than injecting a person with poison. We should stand in defiance against these sorts of people and their actions, without sacrificing our humanity.
    And not be stupid enough to believe that they are rehabilitated so easily, and not be stupid enough to re-introduce them into places where their desires can resurface. Most of the time i think these people just learn to bury their feelings and fool the rehabilitation process. If that's true, it's a failure on our part, but so is a gun to the head.
  16. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Uhh.... nope pretty sure a gun to the head would be completely effect and they couldnt fake their way through that like they do rehabilitation. And being buried 6 feet under definitely isolates them from being placed in a community where they can re offend over and over again. Eating up our tax dollars so they have a roof over their head and 3 good meals a day. Using up valuable professionals and their time rather then letting them help someone with say oh .... suicidal thoughts that DO want help to get better or imporve who they are.

    Like I said dont waste your time with the boohoo's on me. We are talking about innocent (well until these sick fucks get to them) children. NOTHING is more precious. Even other cons in the prison systems wont tolerate such assholes. They bring swift and severe punishment to those in there that have lifted a finger to harm a child.

    If you dont have a child of your own, then take a second and think of a cousin, neice, nephew or a friends' little one. You'd be okay with that monster getting a second chance with rehabilitation that the majority of the time is useless? You'd still say well that person needs help and give him or her a chance to do to someone elses child what they did to your little one?

    We cant rely on the justice system or politicians to "help" these individuals. They have proven over and over that their "methods" do not protect the innocent and only abet the offenders. I watched a news program once where they interviewed a convicted pedophile. He said that all children are sexual beings and that he was doing to them what they wanted and needed. And the rest of the world was assholes for thinking he was wrong! His words!!!!!! And yep he is back out on the public streets. His face was blacked out and his name and home location was with held for HIS protection. What about the protection of the innocent children. Maybe we should all just lock up our children and never let them out because people like him think they are God's gift to the world. He was so condescending and proud of himself!!!!!!!

    Or the young offender that raped and killed a teeny baby!!!!!!! He got virtually a slap on the wrist because he was a minor. The baby is dead, the family is devasted and he walks the streets. Oh yeah that just reeks of justice and him being on the road to being a functional part of society.

    Yeah their rights were protected and they feel very safe walking the streets! Good thing for them cuz they wouldnt be feeling too safe if I saw their faces!!!!!!

    "Easy to just wipe yourself clean of an issue isn't it... "

    I'm not wiping myself clean of an issue. I wish I could be more involved!!!!
  17. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    Being molested myself, I stand by my position. I'm better than the ultimate failures that these people nurture in themselves. I am aware of the confusion and pain that comes with this for the victims and abusers. And I am not blind to the victim who becomes the abuser. I find no solution or comfort in ending their exsistence. To accept that for me is to fall deeper into a spiral of dispair created by their actions. There is alot to be learned from our deadliest of criminals. To help them, to help the victims and ultimatley so we understand and can help future victims on the verge of becoming aggressive abusers.

    We are not smart enough to understand them completely, and it is rediculous that we claim to. We let these people back into our commities and give minimal sentences that do nothing but ingrain their urges deeper in them so they can potentially come out 10 x as worse.

    By the way. The justice system is generalized. It's so blunt without scope or depth to the indiviudal situations we get abused by the "justice" they hand out, as you pointed out with insulting sentences.

    We agree on everything I believe, except you are willing to kill. I am not. That's the great thing about life, every possibility will be hit by someone.
  18. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    I agree 100%.
  19. Little_me

    Little_me Well-Known Member

    Who's gonna shoot? Who's gonna command it?

    I don't believe in putting people to death, because there is always someone who must act as executioner. Whether it is shooting, injecting, chopping the head off... Someone else becomes a murderer.

    Put molesters like this one in prison instead. Lifetime x5 or something, and they should SUFFER. Expose them to the other prisoners, child rapists have a very low status even among murderers. No shower, give them only water and bread and make them pay for their tiny prison cell themselves even if it puts them in debt... Ok perhaps I get a little too cruel according to some, but my rage against these reckless fucks is very strong.
  20. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

    i agree with you, there is just one thing..
    in the US you might find those heavy 'let-them-suffer'-prisons", but what about
    europe ? i am a dutch national and i believe prison system will not be to much different between
    sweden and where i live. here prison is maybe living in a small room but they still enjoy many benefits like tv sport biljart good meals etc.hows that for suffer :dunno:
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