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  1. *dilligaf*

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    ignore me, its about me, no one else

    what the fuck? whats up with u this time? what are u whingeing about now? why dont u do everyone a favour and fuck off??? :mad:
    ur so fucking pathetic, cant do anything can u. a fuck up failure, thats all u are.
    she deserves better than u, u know that. y not do her a favour and fuck off so she can get on with her life? cos ur a fucking selfish bitch thats y.
    go do it and stop looking for attention :mad:
  2. starlight2006

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    Look at the bottom of ur post:

    ~Love You Vikki~

    Im betting that you wouldnt be doing her a favour and that she needs and wants your love. Plus if you were selfish, you wouldnt have any love to give - and i know you do :hug: