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WTF can't i have one fecking good day. Feck sake!! Today was a GOOD day. Now fecking hell! urgh i just feel shit. Feel like doing alot of shit and i don't know if i can stick it out tonight. I'm fecking sick of felling like this. Flushed the pills and wish i hadn't. Make me feel safe. Not like i ain't got pills in the house.


WTF do i keep doing this. I don't fecking get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna fecking snap!!


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-vicki-....... :hug: ....how are you dear....please let us know how your doing...your in my thoughts and prayers....-Jodi


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-vikki- hun i know it feels shit when you had a good day, then you come home and its all the same. im happy you flushed your pills, we are here for you. you are in my thoughts hun.


lots of love,
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