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Another rant. Just a rant.

I don’t know why I’m still hurting after so many pep talks given but - I am seriously nervous for therapy and dietician appointment together this coming Tuesday. I just know I am gonna break down in there, feeling frustrated nothing is working that my sleep/appetite is both SO not healthy atm and I just know whats coming, I am not sure how are they going to help. It is completely hopeless, just let me give up on this and stick to my friends but no - if its not the doctors that goes against my will, it is my rl friends that have been begging me to eat and seek therapy. Hell.



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There is no need to be nervous when meeting therapist and dietician. A good therapist will take care of your psychological probs while the dietician will help you physically reg.your appetite. Please make notes in advance before meeting them least you forget. That what I do when meeting my psychiatrist. I have bipolar disorder and the meds are helping me. And it's ok to break down...that way all the pent-up feelings you have will have a release. Let us know how your meetings went on Tuesday.
Hi Kitty! You're in a not-too-bad situation here because you are going to that appointment with low expectations. The appointment can't be worse. It can either be as bad you said or slightly better. But it can't be worse. Either way, you wont be disappointed: you'll either feel a little bit smug that you knew what to expect all along or a little bit surprised it's slightly better than you expected. But do let us know how it goes and if it's as you thought or better.


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I just think my doc is right that my poor sleep and appetite has been causing gastritis equally long time and such stress to the body that I have been addicted to painkillers for and that I did not know off. I just been trying to sleep back, I’m glad I had nice sleep for two days in a long time like solid 10:30-5:30am and nap during the day at least, yet my appetite still isn’t okay, well I kinda enjoy it. I understand that if I continue to undereat, my metabolism will be slower. I just enjoy undereating now though......... I kinda seriously enjoy undereating like there’s no harm to it right?? I just don’t like recovery cause I have been so ashamed of my own body and I know people just gonna say its my fault.
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