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    I'm sick of trying to be friendly to everyone and only getting half back! I'm sick of putting myself out there and trying to be the nice guy and getting it shoved back in my face!! Instead, ppl only seem to want to know me when they WANT something....never a "hey, how are you?"....always "hey hun, could you do this for me? Could you help me with this? Could you explain this to me? I don't understand." and even then I don't get a 'thank you'...just tantrums when things don't go their way...I give up trying!
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    see..i have the same problem..i'm too nice to people..but thing is when i'm in a bad mood, its always "bitch! why the hell are you in a bad mood...omg!! Armageddon because the whole world is actually coming to a complete halt.." people suck.

    add me if you wanna chat about the suckyness of goddamn people. :mad:
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    I agree that life sucks if you haven't got the same social standing and skills as a lot of people, but people aren't necessarily bad just because they're not on the same wavelength. And it is true that the majority of people probably won't understand depressed people.

    Sorry to be blunt but if you're going to think of people as bad then it's unrealistic to expect things to go your way.
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    Added you