1. Izziebabystar

    Izziebabystar Well-Known Member

    i dunnno why im posting in here but yeh
    i dont know anymore
    thins seem to be at a loe
    i love my bf to bits i realy do
    but im bringing up subjects he doesnt want to talk about
    and its getting him worked up
    but like yeh
    im feeling realy alone latly like theres noone i can turn to again
    and i dont know why
    but im gettig more and more suicidal each day again
    i cant pin point why
    i just want to give up and stp fighting

    but theres this girl
    omg is she amazing
    i love her with all my heart and always will
    and i know if i give up then shell follow me
    and i cant let such an amazing person lose there life beacuse of me
    im not realy worth it

    i realy suck at relashionships but yeh
    i cant see a good thing when ive got one
    and im scared of getting to close so i screw it up

    oh another thing
    i feel realy usless when it come to sexual stuff
    i mean i can please my partner easy
    but for some reason i cant cum
    doenst mattee what we do
    ill get almost to the point and then itll just stop
    so yeh that adds to my uslessness

    there was this guy last night called tom
    hes an ex of mine from yearrs ago
    but he asked for a hug and i gave him one
    then he asked for a kiss adn i sed he hasnt gt one
    and then he pushed himself on me
    i cant even protect myself im usless
  2. snowraven

    snowraven Well-Known Member

    Read a lot of your posts Izzie and you come over as someone who is really caring. Shame you seem to have so much trouble in your love life. You seem quite unsure about a lot of things and should maybe not rush into love so quickly. Allow things to develop in their own time and start to love yourself a bit more. Stand up for yourself as well. Best wishes.S.:smile: