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  1. kindtosnails

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    hi. sorry im new and this isnt really a great way to start but im running out of hope. no wait ran out of hope. yet am still here. why. i dont know. sick of feeling like sh*t all the time and of getting to the end of a day like its a big achievement then another one starts and waking up every morning wishing i just hadnt. sorry just need to get this out although now ive tried its turning out to be hard. ive kind of run out of people who havent given up on me. i dont know i dont know how to say how i feel anymore. sorry this has turned into a pointless post.
  2. lisha

    lisha Member

    thats not a pointless post.
    your saying how you feel.
    thats so important.
    you should realise that your not alone.
    you should know that even though you feel that youv run out of hope.
    you havnt. or you wouldnt be here.
    there has to be a little hope somewhere inside you.
    even the smallest amount.
    getting to the end of a day is a big achievement.
    But what do you consider to be the end of the day?
    the second you fall asleep?
    if so. what makes sleep so safe?
    so comforting.
    so different from reality?
    lots of poeple view sleep as a short death.
    for however long your asleep for, you dont feel.
    you dream.
    your another person.
    you do things that you wouldnt/couldnt do in reality.
    sleep is a mask.
    or is it?
    what makes the day so scary, so tiring, so awful?
    the people who are around you now, wont be around you for long. even if youv known them for 10 years.
    there not gonna be there forever.
    people come and go.
    a lack of people?
    lots of people think they have no friends, no one that cares about them.
    in most cases their wrong.
    people care. there just not aware.

    i hope you feel better.
    im here anytime.
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